DeSales University’s Partnership with Camelot for Children

    DeSales University and Camelot for Children have created a strong partnership, demonstrating the positive impact of community collaboration. Emily, Camelot’s Executive Director, first connected with DeSales through their MBA program, laying the groundwork for this relationship.
     Dr. Kent, Director of the MBA program, recognized the value of experiential learning at Camelot and invited MBA students to participate in a Capstone project supporting our organization. This not only enhances students’ academic journey but also empowers them to contribute meaningfully to their community.
      Outside the classroom, DeSales’ support for Camelot is evident through various initiatives, including the Healthcare Administration Club’s upcoming fundraiser at Inside Scoop, collection drives bringing snacks to camp, and volunteer efforts at children’s events. Alumni also contribute by serving on boards, recruiting volunteers, and securing grants.
       We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration that uplifts and empowers those we serve. Combining education and community engagement we embody compassion and dedication, working towards a brighter future for all!