Volunteer Spotlight-Erika

JB Member’s Name: Erika

School: Southern Lehigh High School

Graduation Year: 2023

I am a captain of the Girls’ Soccer Team, the Vice President of my school’s mini-THON, and a
member of the Orchestra, Spartan Ambassadors club, and NHS. In my free time, I enjoy
spending time outdoors biking, swimming, and skiing.

Why do you volunteer at Camelot:
I volunteer at Camelot because of the incredible connections I have built with so many of these
kids. I am so grateful to be able to contribute to such an inclusive community that has also
taught me so much about empathy and compassion. From hours spent on the splash pad to
wagon races and dance parties, I have created memories at Camelot that I will forever cherish.

What do you like about volunteering at Camelot?
I love that every kid is appreciated for who they are and able to have fun in a safe and
supportive environment. The sense of love that radiates through each member of Camelot
always puts a smile on my face.

Interests after high school: I plan to attend a four year college to study biology.