Volunteer Spotlight-Lucas

Lucas, Junior Board Senior

School: Parkland High School

Graduation Year: 2023

Activities: During school, I’m involved in the PHS orchestra, Strolling Strings, Tri-M Society,
chess team, and boys tennis team. Other than that, I enjoy playing piano, offering music and
academic tutoring services to kids in the vicinity, and volunteering at nursing homes, hospitals,
and Camelot for Children.

Why do you volunteer at Camelot? I volunteer at Camelot because of the unforgettable
memories it creates. Being able to build special connections with all of these kids and hang out
with them at camp has humbled me as a person and solidified my interest in working with
children in the future. In addition, participating on the junior board has strengthened my
leadership, organizational, and communication skills through the various school events and
fundraisers we schedule. Camelot has provided a loving home for me and I’m proud to be a part
of its family.

What do you like about volunteering at Camelot? I love the welcoming and open atmosphere at
Camelot: from the hugs to the smiles to the tears, I truly cherish being a buddy to these
campers and interacting with each and every one of them. Although I initially volunteered to help
the children, I feel like they have immensely helped me grow throughout high school.

Interests after high school: I hope to attend a 4-year university and pursue a career where I can
work with kids