New tagline and video designed to increase community engagement

In the Spring of 2023, we sought help developing a new tagline and video to inspire greater community involvement with Camelot for Children. Words and imagery that would promote our unique, positive impact on children while increasing the number of families considering our services, volunteers running our programs and donors supporting it all.

A local marketing executive and his college student daughter volunteered to help with the tagline. With input from over 100 children, parents and caregivers, volunteers, staff, Board members and other Lehigh Valley residents, they created and tested several options. The winner, “Enriching lives of children with special needs”, delivered the magic!

Los Angeles-based Creative Like Us founder Curtis Johnson created the Camelot for Children castle tower and name logo several years ago. He graciously agreed to update the design to include versions with the new tagline. His work and the tagline on its own will begin popping up all over!

Lehigh Valley-based ASR Media, led by its founder and President Ashley Russo, partnered with Camelot to interview campers, parents, volunteers and staff for the video. ASR Media also filmed many hours of activities from the 2023 summer camp, then edited everything together to tell our story. Check out the resulting video on our home page.

Let people know about the new tagline and video….and how they can volunteer or donate to help us continue Enriching lives of children with special needs.