Volunteer Spotlight

Nick, Junior Board Senior

School: Saucon Valley High School

Graduation Year: 2022

Activities: At School, I’m involved in swimming, marching band, cross country, track & field, debate club, calc club, Mini-Thon, Model UN, NHS, Jazz Band and Pit Orchestra. Outside of school I’m also involved in PMEA events and of course, Camelot

Why do you volunteer at Camelot? I volunteer at Camelot because it’s a welcoming, nurturing environment where I can not only help other people grow, but also grow and develop my own leadership skills along the way.  Although it was a little daunting at first, volunteering at Camelot helps me expand my worldview and continue to learn new perspectives that would have otherwise went unnoticed.

What do you like about volunteering at Camelot? The one main thing that was striking to me was how kind everyone was; every meeting, camp day, or event, there would always be a sea of smiling faces waiting to say hello. It was truly a subversive learning environment where I felt at home each step of the way.

Interests after high school: Pursue a degree in mathematics, read a bunch of books, adopt a lot of pets, and embark on my pursuit of happiness.

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